We exist to bring teams to life. To create connection and inspire success.


Come to Life

Wake lives to bring teams to life. To create human connection between co-workers. To inspire success through transformational workshops facilitated by Reach’s best young facilitators. We are a social enterprise that raises funds to support Australia’s youth through The Reach Foundation.


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Deeper human connection allows a team to rely on their
mates more readily in moments that count.


Human Focused, Not Industry Focused. 


Leadership and team development starts with development of the individual. Wake designs programs for business, community, sport and education – any organisation whose goal is to get the best from people in work and life. Our immersive experiences blur the line between personal and professional development, because we know that strong, self-aware individuals make great leaders and team members. Wake asks you to be brave and to be human; through deeper conversations and experiential opportunities to self-reflect and share, teams develop stronger bonds to achieve impactful, meaningful success together. Wake opens the mind; personalising the approach to the workplace.


"We came out of the workshop having done more in a few hours to build trust, mutual respect and a highly effective relationship than we had in weeks beforehand."

- Paul Lacy, Kikki.k Founder


Immersive Experiences


We create experiences to support business change, build organisational resilience, develop leaders, build teams, and encourage innovation and diversity – by embedding human connection into the DNA of every workshop and experience we deliver. We push the limits, ask the hard questions and create spaces where your people can drop their masks, remove their armour, and thrive in the workplace. We know that positive connection creates functional relationships, increased engagement and better business performance – and this drives everything we do.


Our Key Themes


We help your team connect on the deepest human level.


Our people, from all walks of life


We bring a playful (but zero bullshit), innovative lens to our work which is based on more than 25 years of combined facilitation experience. Our methodologies are deeply based in personal and positive psychology, theatre arts and drama. Our experienced team have worked across multiple industries with diverse teams – ensuring you are receiving the most effective and impactful workshop for your people.


Why can't we have constructive, honest, no-bullshit human interactions in the workplace?


We are for social good


We are a social enterprise (certified by Social Traders) that generates revenue to support Australia’s youth through the Reach Foundation where we are building generations of confident, self-aware and passionate young people who are shaping the world. All profits help fund this mission and provide an employment pathway for our most talented young facilitators.




Employed 25 young facilitators to deliver our workshops, creating employment pathway for young professionals

$365,502 revenue has gone straight to the work we do with young people

94% of participants said they felt more connected with themselves and others after our workshops


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