“We saw a need to run the same work we were doing with young people, for adults. Because you don’t just turn 18 and suddenly figure it all out - adults need these spaces to connect, explore and grow too.”

Through our transformative workshops, Wake brings professionals together to understand themselves and others around them, to get the most out of work and life. We develop the human skills that are needed in today’s modern workplace. We inspire your employees to create a culture of connection, authenticity, trust and vulnerability. 

We also help your people to connect across generations. We work with graduates and early-career talent to help them adjust to the demands of the corporate world, and work with senior leaders and managers to help them better understand the people they lead. We provide unique insights into the generations of young people who will make up your future workforce, that you can’t get anywhere else.

What makes Wake unique.

We are Young People.

Young people are at the heart of our organisation, with most of our facilitators in their mid-20s. This youth led model allows us to break down barriers and inject something honest, unexpected and unique into your workplace.

We are highly skilled in the art of facilitation.

Our young facilitators have a minimum of 6 years’ facilitation experience across youth and corporate sectors. Our facilitators attend ongoing training to ensure they’re learning new skills, diversifying their toolkit and practising their own facilitation style.

We create experiences, unlike anything else.

Our transformational workshops help develop a deep understanding of ourselves and others around us. We allow teams and leaders to step into vulnerability and create an environment unlike their ordinary worlds. When we lean into the unknown and unpack what is beneath the surface, employees flourish and grow.

We are actively contributing to a better future.

By investing in Wake you’re giving back to the next generation. All profits created by Wake are invested back into Reach and support the work we do with young people. Reach improves the social and emotional wellbeing of thousands of young people across Australia every year.

Our work is designed and delivered by inspiring, highly skilled and engaging young people.

Reach facilitators are regarded as some of the best group dynamic facilitators in the country. The Wake team is made up of our most capable Senior Facilitators, all with over 6 years’ experience in group workshop facilitation, and over 2500 hours of training.

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Wake is part of The Reach Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation helping young people across Australia to build skills and confidence to navigate their future. 

By inviting Wake into your workplace, you are not only supporting the growth and development of your own people, but you are also directly investing in the future generation. Two birds, one stone.

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