Our programs address key organisational problems that are human in nature.

A Wake workshop is unlike any other professional or personal development experience in the country. We create inspiring, raw and transformative experiences that will stay with your employees long after the workshop ends.

We have been working in the corporate field for over 10 years, across multiple sectors and industries. We’re as comfortable working with groups of ten as we are with 600, as confident delivering keynotes on the next generation to groups of Partners, as we are inspiring generations of fresh graduates. 

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The proof is in the Pudding.

95% of participants said they felt more connected with themselves and others after our workshops.

97% of participants would recommend Wake workshops.

Since inception, we have worked with over 10,000 people, across more than 200 companies. We have partnerships that are more than 15 years old, and clients that hand over their entire HR program to us - all because our work is unlike any other experience you can have in Australia.

Real Professional Development is personal.

Real professional development is personal development. And we’ve made it accessible. 

We train your teams and leaders to be brave, to open up, to challenge each other, to trust each other, to lean into the unknown, to achieve more together. 

We do this for organisations in all sectors - business, not-for-profit, government, education, elite sport. Any organisation that understands it requires true self-awareness and empathy to take risks and go further.

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Our theory of change.




We believe that to unlock the potential of an organisation, you have to start with the individuals. To help them connect to themselves, their teams and their organisations.

Our theory of change is a recipe for improving human connection, by drawing on a range of humanistic and psychological theories, combined with a highly specialized facilitation process.

We have listed the ingredients that make up our workshops, the method we use to combine these and the result we achieve. When this successful recipe for human connection is applied in alignment with a common purpose, the business scorecard looks after itself.

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Workshops that actually work.

Are your staff sick of the same old training, speakers and conferences? Are you sick of the same boring facilitators? We get it, everyone's over it.

So, we promise to be different.

We promise to be fresh, to leave an impact, to understand your problems and find solutions. We promise to bravely open your group up in a way that feels safe, sustainable and integratable. We promise to never be the old guy in the suit. Don’t believe us? Only one way to find out...

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Wake is part of The Reach Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation helping young people across Australia to build skills and confidence to navigate their future. 

By inviting Wake into your workplace, you are not only supporting the growth and development of your own people, but you are also directly investing in the future generation. Two birds, one stone.

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